Welcome to the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind!

When I joined the amazing FSDB community as president in the spring of 2012, I knew this was a place where great things happen. FSDB continues to shine as a trusted resource for the education of students who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or deafblind. The successes of our students and alumni are numerous and are highlighted on this website. I know that the highly committed members of the FSDB Board of Trustees join me in this sentiment.

Our historic campus offers a safe and secure environment for students to “do more, be more and achieve more” as they develop the knowledge and skills for lifelong success. The school safety recognition awards we have recently received at the state and national levels testify to our commitment to ensure the well-being of students entrusted to us.Dr. Jeanne Glidden Prickett photo

What truly sets FSDB apart from other schools is our dedicated and highly qualified teachers and staff members who work tirelessly to nurture the academic, career, and extracurricular achievements of FSDB students. These outstanding individuals provide the foundation by which students can continue to gain greater knowledge and skills after they leave FSDB.

As an example, we were privileged to host the production crew from 60 Minutes and the famed jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis to our campus for a jam session taping. Their focus was on Marcus Roberts, who is assistant professor of Jazz Studies at Florida State University and widely known as one of the preeminent American jazz pianists of his generation. Roberts, who graduated from FSDB in 1981, credits his FSDB teachers as being integral to his success.

Clearly, great things happen when we all work as a team to challenge and build students’ knowledge and abilities during their time at FSDB, and encourage them to go on to greater things in life. Parents and family members, alumni, supporters, businesses, and community organizations are essential to this team effort, too.

Through the pages of this website, designed with accessibility as a vital component, you will learn more about the schools, departments, activities, and events that take place at FSDB. Come and visit our campus so that you can experience for yourself the wealth of resources we offer and see why success starts here!

Jeanne Glidden Prickett, EdD