Public Records Requests

Requests for Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) public records are made through the Parent Services Department. You may request records by email, fax, mail, phone, or in person (specifics below).

  • The Florida Public Records law authorizes the public to inspect, photograph and copy public records maintained by FSDB. Public records are records made or received in connection with FSDB official business. However, there are many statutory exemptions from public records disclosure, and some records are statutorily designated as confidential (student information, social security numbers, health care records, etc.). Before production, the requested records will be reviewed to ensure they are not confidential or exempt from public records disclosure. Exempt and confidential records will not be produced.
  • FSDB protocol requires the on-site records custodian, or the Parent Services Department as the custodian’s designee, to review requested records to confirm they are subject to public disclosure under the Florida Public Records Law and to coordinate inspection and copying of the records. On-site custodians may elect to refer your request to the Parent Services Department for a response as their designee.
  • Depending on the scope and nature of the request, there may be charges for research and copying. You will be notified of any such charges.
  • Requestors do not need to provide their name or provide a reason for their request in order to inspect, photograph or obtain copies of public records unless the request is being made at a school site. Requestors must follow all school sign in procedures and be prepared to show identification if requesting records in person at a school.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you may request and prearrange pick up of records in person at the Parent Services Department in Moore Hall located at 207 N. San Marco Avenue, or arrange with the Parent Services staff for delivery by email or another medium that does not require identification.

Designation of Parent Services Staff

The FSDB Parent Services Department staff is designated as the custodian’s designee to process public records requests. The designated staff member is Cindy Day, Executive Director of the Parent Services Department.

Submitting a Public Records Request

You may request public records by using one of the following methods:

  • Send email to the Executive Director, FSDB Parent Services Department.
  • Send fax to 904.827.2234, to the attention of FSDB Parent Services Department.
  • Send postal mail to the FSDB Parent Services Department, Moore Hall, 207 N. San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084.
  • Call 904.827-2221 Voice or 904.201.4580 Videophone, FSDB Parent Services Department.
  • Go in person to the FSDB Parent Services Department (Moore Hall), located at 207 N. San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32084.