Elementary Schools / Early Learning Center

Career Awareness Phase – Students in the Elementary Schools / Early Learning Center at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) experience the career awareness stage as they learn about themselves and their interests, what they can do particularly well (abilities), and what is important to them (values or beliefs).  It is during this phase that students also learn about the world of work – jobs that are available in the community; jobs their parents and other significant adults in their lives have; and the tasks that are inherent to these different types of jobs.

Students learn about various opportunities, options and roles that interest them in their communities and the world of work.  They use adult role models and other resources to learn more about different occupations and to gain awareness of the importance of personal responsibility and good work habits.  Also, they learn how people work together and depend on each other to accomplish work in their communities.

FSDB provides career awareness education through a variety of methods, including:

  • Career Concept of the Month—monthly emphasis on developing soft skills such as being on time, dressing appropriately, grooming, and producing quality work
  • Integration of Career Education and Academics—including discussion of careers, role playing activities, and multimedia class projects
  • Job Day Events—students research various jobs, learn about the skills and tools needed for the jobs, appropriate dress, and present their research. Parents, staff members, and Industry Partners also make presentations to students about their jobs
  • Kids Town—a model city where students role-play careers, practice economic skills, and develop bicycle safety skills
  • Kids Town Comes Alive!—an annual event where the town comes alive with career characters who interact with each student to cash paychecks, make purchases, and share job information
  • Campus and community tours and presentations
  • Guest speakers from various industry partners

FSDB blind elementary student in Kids Town acting as a doctor   FSDB elementary students riding bikes around Kids Town   FSDB elementary students in Kids Town using a measuring tape