Elementary Schools

Welcome to the Elementary Schools at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB)!  The elementary school years are a time of wonderment and adventure. Our teachers make your child feel welcome, cared for, and respected as an important member of the FSDB community. Our goal is to continuously engage each child’s imagination and curiosity, provide opportunities for intellectual, social and personal learning, and to set the course for student growth and independence in the years ahead.

Elementary students at FSDB benefit from high academic expectations, individualized instructional opportunities afforded by small class sizes, opportunities for direct accessibility and communication provided by teaching staff members specifically trained to work with deaf/hard of hearing or blind/visually impaired students.

Teachers and support staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of Elementary School students and their families. Students are actively engaged in asking questions, age-appropriate social and problem solving skills, and reading for literacy development. Students can also take advantage of opportunities for further development through Campus Life programs, e.g., Eyes Alive! Deaf Elementary Theater and the Blind Elementary Theater programs, Braille Challenge, Clay Club, Garden Club, Science Club, and more.

The Blind Elementary/Middle and Deaf Elementary Schools each have their own newsletter:

It’s Elementary – Deaf Elementary School Newsletter
Kaleidoscope – Blind Elementary & Middle School Newsletter

The rich academic programs offered in our Elementary Schools, our diverse and welcoming community, and opportunities for extracurricular participation, provide students with an exciting starting point for an outstanding K-12 education.

For more information, contact:

Carol Bogue
Principal, Blind/Physical Education Departments

Angela Saunders
Principal, Deaf Department


James Della Penna
Assistant Principal, Blind Elementary & Middle Schools

Heidi Jordan
Assistant Principal, Deaf Elementary School