Physical Education

All Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School students enrolled at FSDB participate in Physical Education classes (PE) daily. All students adhere to school rules in regards to being on time, dressing properly, participating in class activities, and showing respect to staff members and fellow students. PE teachers may have additional class rules specific to their classes and activities.

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For general PE classes, appropriate shoes and socks are important. A pair of sturdy, well-fitting athletic (court) shoes with non-marking soles is required for class participation. Elementary students should wear or have appropriate shoes and socks to change into as necessary. FSDB distributes PE uniforms (shorts and shirts) to all Middle and High School students at no charge. A $15 replacement fee may be assessed for lost or intentionally damaged uniforms. Jewelry and/or personal belongings are the sole responsibility of students.

The FSDB curriculum includes swimming for all Elementary and Middle School students as a part of our “Everyone is a Swimmer” program. We recommend one-piece swimsuits for girls. Students who prefer to use goggles, swim caps, and/or earplugs may bring them. Students must be prepared to swim on assigned swim days.

A cardiovascular fitness program is also part of the curriculum. Every student participates in a “Track Lap” activity at least one day a week by walking, jogging or running our one-quarter mile track as many laps as possible within the allotted class time.

High School students enrolled in the 9th grade are required to pass a one-semester Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) course to partially fulfill their graduation requirements. As part of the curriculum, classroom and homework assignments must be completed and turned in weekly. Students are required to attend class everyday in their PE uniforms, arrive prepared, and to take notes during lectures. Weekly tests are given and one-third of the course grade depends on test scores.

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For more information, contact:

Donna Johnson
Assistant Principal, Physical Education