Intake Process

  1. Interested parents/guardians or adult students complete an application and send it to the FSDB Registrar.

  2. The Registrar will request school records and the FSDB Health Care Center staff will request medical records. It may take several weeks for FSDB to receive all records. Parents/guardians or adult students can help facilitate the process by including records with the application.

  3. Once the Registrar has collected all records, the intake evaluation team reviews the application file. The evaluation team may request additional information.

  4. Upon completion of the records review process, the Registrar or a Staffing Coordinator will contact you either by letter expressing possible eligibility concerns or by phone to schedule an intake evaluation. In either case, parents/guardians or adult students have the right to participate in an eligibility staffing.

  5. Intake evaluations can take up to a full day. Typically, evaluations begin at 8:30 am and conclude between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on the same day, covering all activities described below. As parents/guardians or an adult student, you are involved in discussions and decisions throughout the day.

  6. The evaluation day begins with the Staffing Committee meeting with parents/guardians or adult students to review assessments to be completed. After obtaining parent/guardian or adult student consent, these will be conducted. Assessments may include, but are not limited to: audiological, speech/language, communication, intellectual, social/emotional, behavioral, academic, social history, health history, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

  7. Once all assessments are completed, the results will be discussed with parents/guardians or adult students.

  8. After reviewing all of the assessment information, the Intake Committee, with the participation of parents/guardians or adult students, will review eligibility criteria and make an eligibility determination.

  9. There are three possible determinations:

  • Eligible – the student meets all eligibility criteria.
  • Not Eligible – the student does not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria.
  • Temporary Assignment – the Intake Committee needs more information to determine the student’s eligibility.
  1. If it is determined that the student is eligible or enrolled on a Temporary Assignment, a Consent for Enrollment/Temporary Assignment may be required, and an IEP Meeting will be scheduled with the participation of parents/guardians or adult student.

For questions or more information, contact:

Dr. Michele Handley
Director of Intakes and Staffings
904.201.4460 VP

Jennifer Wright
Staffing Coordinator
904.201.4508 VP