Blind Alumni Association

Welcome to the FSDB Blind Alumni Association home page!

Our goal is to help all blind/visually impaired alumni who attended or graduated from the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) stay in touch with their classmates and friends, share the latest news from FSDB, and stay connected with FSDB through alumni involvement and support.

Alumni-related announcements, news, and events updates will be shared as these arise. We hope you find our online resources to be useful and that these help you stay connected with one another and with FSDB. Please fill out the online FSDB Alumni Record Update form to help us stay in touch with you.

Commencement Ceremony Speakers

2013 – Carl R. Augusto
2014 – Enrique Oliu
2015 – Owen B. McCaul

The Association of Former Students and Friends of the Florida School for the Blind, Inc. (FSDB Blind Alumni Association) is a non-profit charitable organization that was formed in 1963 by founding members Herbert and Dorothy Sowell, and Mary Inez McCullough-Mauldin.

The purposes of our Association are to:

  • Maintain and promote contacts and relations between former students through an annual convention held each year on the school campus.
  • Educate the public about the accomplishments and potentialities of people who are blind.
  • Promote and encourage the ideals and advantages of high scholastic standards among blind people.
  • Establish and maintain active lines of communication between the Association and school administration.

Any former student may become a member. Upon approval, family members and friends who have interests in promoting the purposes of this organization may also join. All officers and a majority of members are former students.

Our current financial programs include: “Carol’s Kids” which provides monetary support to financially disadvantaged students and various other  projects as they occur. Each year we provide two scholarships ($100 for an 8th grade student entering high school and $1,000 for a senior who has been accepted by a state college or university). We have also contributed to the Eric Schwartz scholarship fund and various other projects when requested. Should you be interested in membership, making a contribution to the association or have any other questions, please contact Robert Miller (below).

Board of Directors


Robert Miller
President 850.906.9821

Mike Winkler
Vice President

Shelley Von Fossen-Sawyer
Recording Secretary

Sila Goolsby-Miller
Correspondence Secretary

Lloyd Jones