Athletics Awards

Robert Greenmun Award

History: Robert Greenmun was a deaf man who was a high school teacher at FSDB and a pioneer in the U.S. space program. Because of the type of hearing loss he had, he was involved in the study of the effects of weightlessness on man in space. He would often go to Cape Canaveral and other training areas used by NASA to be involved in the studies. His wife Roseland “Rosie” Greenmun established this award in his memory after his death. 

Criteria: Students selected for this award should exemplify outstanding character, citizenship, and sportsmanship. 

Past Winners

1970  Andrew Johnson 1992  Mark Gobble & Melissa Sanford
1971  Richard Malcolm, George Miller & Brenda McCall 1993  Ricardo Joseph & Tami Henson
1972  Fred Emanuel & Brenda McCall 1994  Leon Etienne & Amy Baylor
1973  William E. Cooper & Louise Hudson 1995  Lee Keaton & Amy Baylor
1974  Unavailable 1996  Chris Priest & Jackie Girard
1975  Sammie Kirksey, Ronnie Taylor & Eve Winner 1997  Cory Hall & Jenny Locy
1976  Sammie Kirksey, Ronnie Taylor & Leach Tucker 1998  Jeremy Saling & Jenny Stack
1977  Joe Hunter & Eve Winner 1999  Terrell Acree & Rachel Abenchuchan
1978  Unavailable 2000  Michael Jones & Rachel Abenchuchan
1979  Tom Krohn & Pam Fuller 2001  Cedric Tyson & Shakeem Glover
1980  Lowayne Johnson & Judy Mills 2002  Mitchell Curtis & Andrea Meehan
1981  Ray Bateh & Krista Matthews 2003  Mitchell Curtis & Andrea Meehan
1982  Willie Eugene & Melinda Barthle 2004  Rusty Nawrocki and Bonnie Mueller
1983  B.P. Murphy & Pennie Hartzell 2005  Tim Dornbock, Preston White and Belisha Shields
1984  Richard Belcher & Heidi Astor 2006  Jennifer Livengood
1985  Harry Wagner & Belinda Von Doltern 2007  Jennifer Anderson
1986  Unavailable 2008  Erinn Powell
1987  Todd Brown & Lisa Moore 2009  Rita Estrada
1988  John Davis & Casey Messier 2010  Davia Taylor
1989  Chris DeNight  & Via Vallery 2011  Unavailable
1990  Jim Justice & Bridgette Wilson 2012  Michelle Harris
1991  Mike Arrington & Maureen Carroll 2013  Jazzmin Washington

Terrell Acree Memorial Award

History: This award was established and funded by the FSDB Athletic Booster Club in April, 2000, and presented for the first time at the Athletic Awards Banquet in 2001. This award is in honor of Terrell Acree, a graduate of Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, who died in an automobile accident only months after his graduation. Terrell’s character, dedication, and perseverance as a student and as an athlete garnered the admiration of all who knew him. In this respect, Terrell set the standard by which all FSDB students/athletes, those who came before and those who shall come after, shall be measured. 

Criteria: The student selected for this award must: 1) be a male or female student who has been involved in the interscholastic athletic program for at least two years; 2) have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average; 3) have demonstrated an exemplary work ethic and a dedication to performing to the best of his/her ability in all aspects of their life; 4) have demonstrated exemplary character and leadership as a student (including in the dorm, if the recipient is a residential student), and as an athlete. This award does not have to be awarded every year; it is given only when there is a particular student deserving of this honor. 

Past Winners

2001 Joey Woods
2002 Joey Woods
2003 Bartley Hall
2004 Anthony Jones
2005 Darrin Gaines
2006 Erolgene Desir
2007 Mackenzie Loriston
2008 Micah Coleman
2009 none
2010 none
2011 none
2012 none
2013 Brian Adkins (Blind)
2015 Wes Homewood (Blind)

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