Independent Skills

Independent Skills Curriculum

Students are given instruction for at least one hour each week in specific areas of Independent Living Skills. ILS classes teach real life skills to help prepare our students for their future.

The ILS curriculum areas we cover include social skills such as learning to resolve conflicts and appropriate behavior in formal settings. We also cover a wide variety of daily living such as washing and caring for clothing, budgeting and comparison-shopping, healthy eating habits and personal grooming skills.

ILS skills focused on are chosen based on student age and skill levels. For example, elementary dorms focus on grooming skills, making beds, and light cleaning skills. Each quarter, skills are chosen and an Individual Residential Plan is created for each student.

Student progress and accomplishments are documented on Quarterly Report Cards, which are mailed to parents/guardians.   

Steps to Independence

The Steps to Independence program allows students to gain privileges and responsibilities as they learn skills in independence and decision-making.

All students begin on Step 1, with privileges similar to those they would have in the high school dorms. After a month, the student may choose to apply for Step 2. Approval is made by the program coordinator and is based on the student’s independent living skills and overall behavior.

Students may earn additional privileges as they move up through the system which includes the ability to regulate their own bedtime, further off campus privileges and more time to sleep in the morning. Students have the opportunity to make decisions for themselves and learn the natural consequences of those decisions.

For more information, contact:

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