Current Openings

Employment vacancies, if any, at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) are listed below.

Associate Teacher (Deaf Department) – Closing Date 10/11/2018
Residential Instructor (Boarding Services) – Closing Date 10/11/2018
Accountant III (Comptroller/Student Bank) – Closing Date 10/15/2018
Staff Interpreter (Interpreter Services – Closing Date 10/19/2018
Instructional Assistant (Deaf Department) – Closing Date 10/19/2018
Math Teacher (Blind Elementary/Middle School) – Closing Date 11/30/2018
Senior Motor Vehicle Operator (Transportation Services) – Closing Date 12/31/2018

Recently Closed

Media Production Specialist (Communications & Public Relations) – Closing Date 09/04/2018
Residential Instructor (Boarding Services) – Closing Date 09/07/2018
Distributed Computer Systems Specialist (Technology Services) – Closing Date 09/14/2018
Dormitory Program Supervisor (Middle School Boys) – Closing Date 09/19/2018
IT Project Consultant (Technology Services) – Closing Date 09/21/2018

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