FSDB Museum

The FSDB Museum is the fulfillment of a dream for FSDB alumni. The Museum features cultural displays that highlight the school’s rich heritage, legacy, and values. It houses collections of historic photographs, memorabilia, artifacts and stories of interest to the FSDB community and visitors alike. Physical information in the museum is grouped in History, Archives, and Alumni sections, which include but are not limited to:

Chronology of FSDB Presidents
History of Campus Buildings
School Artifacts (servingware, diplomas, etc.)
Time Capsule (to be opened at 2025 homecoming)
Class Photos of Graduates
Academic & Vocational Memorabilia
Sports Memorabilia

School Yearbooks
Homecoming Program Books
Commencement & Senior Awards Program Books
Florida School Herald Publications
Sports Program Books

Alumni Records
Student Registers and Alumni Database
Class Reunion & Alumni Weekend Programs
Alumni Obituaries

The Museum began in Moore Hall, supported by a $2,000 donation from the Florida School for the Deaf Alumni Association. Hundreds of alumni and friends visited the Museum when it first opened on May 29, 1993.

During the 50th Homecoming Anniversary in October 1995, the Museum drew over 1,000 alumni, friends, and students. It became apparent that there was a tremendous need for a larger space to house the Museum’s information and artifacts for future visitors.

In 1997, architectural plans were drawn up to renovate the first floor of the former household center-dormitory building into a permanent site for FSDB memorabilia. The FSDB museum moved from Moore Hall to its new site in 1999 and opened the following year. In the spring of 2000, the FSDB Board of Trustees officially approved a resolution made by then-President Elmer Dillingham, officially changing the name of the building to Alumni Hall. On October 27, 2000, Georgette Fleischman, then the oldest living FSDB alumni, cut the ribbon at the dedication ceremony.

The original volunteers who worked to make the FSDB Museum a reality were Diane Gobble, Dianne Hodgins, Beverly Oliver, John Oliver, and Sara Winchester, with Brenda Jean Woods as coordinator. Woods served as the Museum’s first director (1992-2009).

Loyal volunteers keep the Museum running smoothly and the displays accurate and attractive.The FSDB Museum has a new exhibit in the lobby area, “A Walk Through Time: FSDB 1885-2015.”  Donations are gratefully accepted to support Museum modernization efforts.

As always, the Museum is open to the public during homecoming weekends and alumni reunions, and all other times by appointment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Brendan “BP” Murphy
Volunteer Museum Historian
904.342.1706 V/VP