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Blind Toastmaster Uses Words To Help Others See

When glaucoma stole Walter Blackmon’s eyesight at 5 years old, it also stole some of his dreams.

That day, he was at his babysitter’s house, sitting at a table and drawing cartoons from the newspaper. Then he heard the woman’s chickens outside in the backyard.

He ran over to watch them, but his vision kept blurring. The chickens suddenly looked hazy. Elusive images flitted about the yard. At first, his babysitter didn’t believe him; when he told her he couldn’t see, she thought Blackmon was being a trickster, playing a bad joke. He pleaded and pleaded and finally started to cry.

That was the start of when he lost his vision.

As a kid, Blackmon yearned to play in the National Football League, to enlist in the military, be a Marine, to be a champion basketball player.

But his life took a detour. He had to relinquish those dreams and replace them with new ones.

And those childhood dreams of athletic prowess? He found other avenues in which his lack of sight was more hindrance than a roadblock. In high school — Blackmon started at Leon High then transferred to Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine — he ran track, wrestled and later power lifted in competitions. In 2006, he won a world record in powerlifting at an International Blind Sports Federation competition. Lifting, playing sports lets him “give my all, and leave it there.”

Read Original Tallahassee Democrat story by Nada Hassanein (July 5, 2017).

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