FSDB Lorelee Bundrick with 3D printer
Career Development Spotlight: Lorelee Bundrick

How long have you worked in the Print Shop? At FSDB?

It will be 34 years next month, in the same position at FSDB!  I was hired as a printer to work in the Print Shop. Back then I worked in a different building but had the same job – my position title is now Printer II.

The things that I do have changed over the years due to technology. For example, the 3D printing program has changed everything, I am learning new things all the time now, so I can work effectively with students. This new program has made my job interesting and fun!

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I enjoy taking care of high volume printing production work for our campus, and I especially enjoy working with the student career development program. I am very happy to show students all the things they can do.

Can you share some of your most recent 3D printer projects?

Our most popular item right now is a 3D printed mobile phone stand. Our student workers designed them from scratch using online 3D printing design programs.

What is the student curricular connection to the Print Shop? How does it prepare them for future careers?

Student workers learn technical skills involved in Print Shop design and printing services, including the complexities of the 3D printing program. They also learn “soft” skills like following directions, meeting deadlines, being on time, communicating with each other, and teamwork. They have responsibility and accountability from the beginning. Becoming independent workers is their goal.

Is there anything else you want people to know about the Print Shop?

We have a large format printer which can be used to print posters om large sizes. 3D printing tours in the Print Shop are also available on request if anyone is interested!

By Christi Boortz, Instructional Services

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