FSDB parents and staff listening to presenter in final Title I meeting
  • FSDB parents participating in final Title I meeting
Final Academic Year TIPAT Meeting

The final meeting of the Title I Parent Advisory Team (TIPAT) for the 2014-2015 academic year was held on May 22, 2015 on the FSDB campus. Parent Liaison Misty Porter and Grant Coordinator Christi Boortz co-conducted the meeting, during which time parent representatives completed two surveys on critical grant matters.

Porter provided parents and administrators in attendance with the 2014-2015 LEA Parent Involvement Plan and a feedback/survey form. Parents reviewed and critiqued all sections of the plan, from the opening mission statement to parent capacity building activities. FSDB Parent Services administrators will review TIPAT suggestions for feasibility, integrating when possible as they develop the 2015-2016 LEA Parent Involvement Plan (PIP).

Boortz then took TIPAT representatives through the overall Title I grant program evaluation process. She read aloud each section of the parent survey, then provided parents with time to ask questions before giving their feedback. She also explained the purpose of Title I and how Title I funding is typically used at FSDB, listing some of the special populations served. Parent feedback will be integrated, when possible, into 2015-2016 Title I grant program activities.

Thanks to the members of this year’s TIPAT! We are grateful for your continued, meaningful collaboration on Title I grant affairs.

Submitted by Christi Boortz, Curriculum Department

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