FSDB staff Tracie Snow and Misty Porter
  • FSDB parents participating in Title I meeting
  • Two FSDB parents in Title I meeting
Final Title I Parent Team Meeting of the Year

The FSDB Title I Parent Advisory Team met on April 18th to wrap up this school year and plan the parent involvement budget for the next school year. This was a vital meeting—we at FSDB are grateful that so many parent representatives made the time to attend! The meeting was also live streamed to be accessible to parents across the state, thanks to Michael Johnson of the Communications and Public Relations department.

Meeting Chair and Title I Assistant Grant Coordinator Tracie Snow conducted a brief check in before she reviewed the extensive professional development opportunities funded through Title I for the current school year. Next, she reviewed future professional development opportunities as part of the 2014 Summer Institute for campus instructional staff members.

FSDB Parent Liaison Misty Porter (and parent representative) reviewed the 2013-14 Parent Involvement Plan and gathered feedback from parent representatives on the team. Next, parents wrote their ideas for the parent involvement budget for the next academic year. Porter also spent some time discussing upcoming (May 16, 2014) parent training to be provided by Christel Reaves of Christel Clear Learning Innovations. Reaves will review the new Florida Standards (formerly known as Common Core Standards) and Building Effective Parent-Teacher Relationships. She was highly recommended by Peggy Primicerio, program director (and Title II coordinator), Educator Recruitment, Development, and Retention, Florida Department of Education.

Parent representatives expressed positive sentiments during this final meeting for the current academic year. They expressed praise for abundant and effective school-family communication on relevant topics such as Common Core Standards and Individualized Education Program (IEP) processes. Again, our gratitude goes to members of the FSDB Title I Parent Advisory Team for their invaluable input!

Submitted by Christi Boortz, Curriculum & Professional Development

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