FSDB Deaf Middle School Battle of the Books 2017 team.
FSDB Heads To Battle Of The Books

FSDB Deaf Middle School eighth graders Ryker D’Angelo and Shanna Cooley, along with sixth grader Geoffrey Porter, are heading to Washington, DC for the annual Battle of the Books national championship at Gallaudet University. FSDB is among eight schools in the Buff Division.

The purpose of the Battle of the Books competition is to promote literacy deaf and hard of hearing middle school students; promote a spirit of academic competition and good sportsmanship; and to encourage critical thinking skills.

FSDB student competitors will be accompanied by Jessica Behr, DMS intensive reading teacher and Kathy Pyle, DMS reading specialist. The competition schedule is listed below. The finals in each division will be live streamed on the Gallaudet University website.

Saturday, April 22
4:00 pm – Teams Arrive/Registration
7:00 pm – Opening Ceremony

Sunday, April 23
1:00 pm – Blue/Green Match 1
2:30 pm – Buff Match 1
4:00 pm – Blue/Green Match 2

Monday, April 24
9:00 am – Buff Match 2
10:30 am – Blue/Green Match 3
1:00 pm – Buff Match 3
2:30 pm – Announcement of Championship Match teams
2:45 pm – Green Championship Match
4:00 pm- – Blue Championship Match
6:15 pm – Buff Championship Match
7:30 pm – Awards Ceremony
8:30 pm – Farewell Party