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We wish to take this opportunity to recognize the passion of parents, alumni, and community members who are taking part in ongoing rally efforts at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB). Audism at our school is a concern, and it deserves attention from us all.

In our efforts to be responsive and continue to provide high quality education programs to all FSDB students, we will be moving to an American Sign Language (ASL)-English bilingual and bicultural philosophy for the Deaf Department programs including instructional, boarding, athletic, and afterschool activities. This shift in no way detracts from our focus on provision of individualized learning in line with the communication needs of all FSDB deaf and hard of hearing students.

Our commitment to high educational standards is further validated by recent accreditations from AdvancED and the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD).

We have already begun the planning process for initial implementation of an ASL-English bilingual and bicultural learning environment at FSDB, which will begin in August at the start of the 2016-17 school year.  This is a major undertaking that will require several years and the commitment of all involved for full implementation.

Research has shown that bilingual learners can have rich literacy skill development and can acquire multiple languages to give them more effective tools for communication starting at an early age.  With systematic, explicit, and individualized instruction in both ASL and English we believe the high quality education we provide for FSDB students will be greatly enhanced.

Ongoing training for FSDB teachers, staff members and students as part of this programmatic shift will emphasize respect for all cultures, including ASL and Deaf culture, and all communication needs and preferences. This includes signing at all times in the presence of deaf and hard of hearing students, staff, alumni, and visitors.

Consistent with this, FSDB is committed to provide a fully accessible ASL-English bilingual and bicultural learning environment that enables deaf and hard of hearing students enrolled in pre-K through grade 12 and continuing education programs to achieve their maximum potential and become productive, involved members of American society.

Your support for our efforts is vital and we welcome, as always, ideas and recommendations from campus and community stakeholders.

Dr. Jeanne Glidden Prickett

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