FSDB student Anna Albury receives award from Tim Forson and Karen Kolkedy
  • FSDB Blind High School senior Anna Albury and Assistant Principal Justin Cosgrove.
Kiwanis Student of the Month

Anna Theresa Albury is a senior at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) in St. Augustine, Florida. She has been a student at FSDB for five years. During her years at FSDB, she has grown more and more confident and has experienced much success.

Anna’s mother, who lives in the Bahamas, shared that she very much loves her daughter. She shared that while growing up, Anna always tried her best, be it spelling bees or other competitions. Anna has loved the Braille Challenges growing up and was always eager to participate in these and many other activities. She shows a desire to be a part of what is going on.

Anna loves to learn and has a passion for life. She is a wonderful public speaker and in 2011 was chosen as Bahamas Student of the Year. She was the opening speaker for Prince Harry at a Bahamian Youth Convention that year. Her family was so proud of her.
Patrick Turnage of FSDB Technology Services is impressed with Anna’s consistent enthusiasm for learning and how she always exemplifies the best attributes of positivity and kindness.

Anna is a happy and positive person who enjoys talking and laughing. She has been a part of Young Life Youth Ministry and currently works at the school store. Carol Bogue, principal of the FSDB Blind Department, shared that Anna is kind, compassionate and wise beyond her years.

Anna has demonstrated an enthusiastic and responsible disposition. She is a wonderful role model for other students. Anna’s aunt shared that she is a bright, young woman who does not let her blindness deter her. She sets her mind to whatever goal she wants to achieve, works towards it, and accomplishes it.

After graduation, Anna plans on attending the Louisiana Center for the Blind where she will further her independent living and employment skills. She then has her heart set on attending college. Kathy Haines, FSDB math teacher, has been impressed with Anna’s can-do attitude. Anna is polite and respectful to all and always ready to lend a helping hand – her cooperative, responsible, respectful, patient and caring spirit will ensure that she is successful in her future endeavors.

Anna Theresa Albury of Palm Bay, Florida is a member of a wonderfully supportive family. Congratulations, Anna, on receiving the Kiwanis Historic St. Augustine Student of the Month Award!

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