FSDB Parents participating in the Title I meeting
  • FSDB Parents discussing issues in meeting
  • FSDB Parent Liaison Misty Porter answering questions
TIPAT Meeting: 3rd Quarter Review & Budgeting

The FSDB Title I parent representative team (TIPAT) met in Moore Hall on Friday April 8, 2016 to discuss third quarter grant spending and budget for the 2016-17 school year. Title I Grant Coordinator Christi Boortz co-chaired the meeting with FSDB Parent Liaison Misty Porter. Introductions accompanied the ice breaker question – Are you an owl (night person) or a lark (morning person)? Deaf Elementary School Teacher Carey Roberts and Assistant Principal Heidi Jordan attended, as well as Deaf Middle School Teacher Missy Kaler and Assistant Principal Angela Saunders. Administrator and teacher presence is always appreciated, kudos to them for taking the time to be with us.

After the icebreaker, Boortz reviewed the handout detailing Curriculum & Professional Development program activities for the 3rd quarter of school, supported by Title I funds. The handout was prepared by Director (and Title I Assistant Coordinator) Tracie Snow. Title I funds support critical part-time positions, vital professional development including on-campus training as well as conferences, and purchase of educational or training materials.

Parent Liaison Porter conducted the rest of the TIPAT meeting. First she provided a brief recount of 3rd quarter parent involvement expenditures:

  • STEM event in the Blind Elementary School, led by Mary Bilancio and Elizabeth Wilcox, was well attended and successful. Funding exists for a similar event in the Deaf Department, to be determined.
  • Training funds were spent to bring (educational consultant) Christel Reaves to campus on the “growth model” of learning.
  • Most out-of-state travel dollars were shifted to the in-state travel budget, because parents had used all the monies when coming to campus to build capacity. There is still funding in that line item; if parents are interested please Misty know as soon as possible.

Next, Porter distributed a handout to guide budget planning for the 2016-17 school year. The handout included an overview of the historic uses for the parent set aside and previous year budgets. Parents asked a variety of questions about uses; the final budget will be determined during the May 6, 2016 TIPAT meeting.

The FSDB Title I parent team consists of 12 representatives selected each fall, representing the Deaf Elementary, Blind Elementary, Deaf Middle, and Blind Middle Schools. Any parent with a child in Title I schools is welcome to attend quarterly TIPAT meetings!

By Christi Boortz, Curriculum Department

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