FSDB staff member Tracie Snow presenting during Title 1 meeting.
  • FSDB staff member Misty Porter participating in Title 1 meeting.
Title I Third Quarter Progress Review

Members of the campus Title I Parent Advisory Team (TIPAT) met on Friday April 17, 2015 for the Third Quarter Progress Review and to plan the 2015/2016 parent involvement budget. The TIPAT team consists of three representatives for each campus Title I school, and TIPAT meetings are open to parents of students in the elementary and middle schools who wish to attend. The more parent input, the better!

Title I emphasizes the impact that parents and parent involvement has on student progress in school, which is increasingly supported by research.

During this third meeting of the year, Tracie Snow, chair and Title I assistant coordinator, presented Title I grant funds spent by the Curriculum & Professional Development Department during the third quarter. Next, FSDB Parent Liaison Misty Porter discussed what had been spent by the Parent Services Department during the same timeframe. Here is a nutshell synopsis of Title I Part A grant spending progress:

  • A part-time Assistive Technology position was created in the Blind Department to support students and staff use of assistive technologies in the Digital Age.
  • Curriculum Teams are implementing new STEM activities designed to capture student interest. These include Lego competitions and Fairy Tale kits requiring students to engage in STEM concepts, like engineering a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross.
  • An iPad consultant has been working with K-2 teachers to evaluate educational apps for educational and parental access feasibility; stakeholders will have access to research results via the school website.
  • Spanish classes kicked off on Thursdays for staff who work with Spanish families and want to be more familiar with the Hispanic culture, as well as learn to converse in basic Spanish.
  • Teachers and administrators have attended or soon will attend a variety of FL state conferences, including the National Council on History Education held locally at Flagler College, the FL Association of Math & Technology, and the Florida Association of State and Federal Education Program Administrators (FASFEPA).
  • Parents continue to draw on mileage reimbursements available for traveling to campus for meetings or “capacity building” events; parents who live outside of St. John’s County are eligible for the reimbursements, including Jacksonville/Duval residents.

Porter also discussed parent involvement items that have a remaining balance, and strongly encouraged parents to use up the funds before the end of the school year. These include out of state travel costs (mileage and hotel/meals and registration) to conferences as well as ASL or Braille class tuition fees at a local college or university (which include distance/online courses). These expenses must be drawn before June 30th. At the conclusion of the Third Quarter Progress Review, Porter led parents in completing a feedback form intended to plan the next grant year parent involvement budget. Stay tuned for the details!

Kudos to Tracie Snow and Misty Porter for the dynamic, well-coordinated meeting. Many thanks to the parents who took time from their busy schedules to attend!

FSDB staff member answering parent questions.  FSDB parents listening to presentation during Title 1 meeting.

Submitted by Christi Boortz, Curriculum Development

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