The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) fields thousands of queries each year. Listed below are responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How many students attend FSDB?
About 600 students are enrolled in Pre-K and K-12 programs on campus, and about 400 students are enrolled in Parent Infant Programs throughout the state of Florida. 

What types of diploma do FSDB students receive? 
Students have both Standard Diploma or Special Diploma options, in accordance with state educational requirements. More than 80% of FSDB graduates continue their education at college, universities, or technical training programs. FSDB graduates are represented across a wide range of professional and technical occupations.

What kind of transportation is available for students?
Students in the Boarding Program receive bus service to and from their hometown on weekends and holidays. Students living in the local area are transported to and from home on a daily basis. Local families also have the option of transporting their children between school and home.

How can I volunteer at FSDB?
There are many ways in which you can volunteer at FSDB. Please contact the Advancement Department at 904.827.2327 for more information.

Does FSDB offer American Sign Language classes to the public?
American Sign Language classes are available for both community and family members on the FSDB campus and through Distance Learning online/interactive opportunities (see also recent announcement). For campus classes, check the Events calendar on a regular basis for announcements.

What do you offer students who do not plan to attend college?
Eligible students who have opted for the Special Diploma academic track may wish to participate in the Career Education and Transition High School program.  The CET program specializes in developing technical skills and students have the opportunity to earn vocational certificates in a variety of occupations. Students who have graduated with a Special Diploma from any high school in Florida may want to apply for the Continuing Education program, a three-year program that is designed to help them meet academic and vocational training goals after graduation.

What kind of after school activities are available at FSDB?
FSDB provides diverse extracurricular opportunities for student participation in athletics, clubs and activities, performing arts programs, and recreational activities that take place in state-of-the-art facilities. Students also take part in athletic and academic competitions with public and private schools in Florida and at other deaf and blind schools across the country. Academic and athletic teams at FSDB hold national championship titles and regional awards.

Does FSDB accept students from other countries?
Our school provides a free, appropriate education for eligible students who reside in Florida. Students enrolled at FSDB come from diverse backgrounds.

What is the average class size at FSDB? 
We maintain small class sizes to allow teachers to meet each student’s specific needs. At the elementary level, the classes average between six to eight students.  At the middle school level, the average class size is eight students.  At the high school level, the average class size is 10 students. 

What is the communication philosophy at FSDB?
All forms of communication are used and encouraged, including spoken English and American Sign Language.  

My child has cochlear implants.  Can s/he attend FSDB?
Many students who attend FSDB use hearing aids and cochlear implants to maximize use of residual hearing. 

How can I apply for my child to attend FSDB?
Learn more about our Admissions program, including eligibility requirements and the student application intake process.

What services are available for children from birth to age six?  
Learn more about Parent Services programs, including our Early Learning Center and statewide Parent Infant Programs.

If your question is not listed above, please reach out to FSDB through one of our Contact forms. We welcome your questions!